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Munich? What is actually a Freising?

Freising is a town (Germans call it a city because there are cars). It is located in the north of Munich, approximately 30 kms. The campus you are going to study is called Weihenstephan. It is one of the three campuses of TUM. The coordinators of the program have already prepared a lovely guide for Freising. for Freising. This booklet is the nutshell of what you can do and where you can do in Freising.

Munich transportation basics

Note that MVG Fahrinfo and DB Navigator apps are quite useful and handy when it comes to travelling in Munich or Freising.

At this phase, I am assuming that you have arrived to Germany, to Munich. Munich has a very good transportation network. You can find here the recent transportation maps for Munich. Map #2 is most commonly used. You can check the sky blue colored line i.e. Line S1, follow the line to see Freising at the top of the map.

Munich has S-bahn , U-bahn, Tram, Bus, Regional train (RegioBahn). You can click on them to see a nice picture of those vehicles. How lovely!

Time table of S1 (The S-Bahn line between Munich and Freising) As you will see there are two lists. One is the list from Munich Ostbahnhof to Freising/Airport & the other one from Freising/Airport to Munich Ostbahnhof. It may seem to be complicated.

All other timetables for all S-bahns. You can also find out the timetables for U-bahns, etc. through the site, just navigate around a little.

As I mentioned, do not go deep into those maps. They are not really necessary.

Important bus numbers for Freising are as below. Bus lines may be updated or new lines may be introduced, just keep that in mind.

Bus 638

Bus to the University (Weihenstephan) and to the dormitories (1,2,4) from Freising Train Station. See Dormitories section below for details.

Bus 639

Bus goes to the University (Weihenstephan), Alte Akademie (Weihenstephaner Berg) and  to the dormitory (1,3) from Freising Train Station. See below Dormitories section for details.

Bus 640

Night Bus in Freising

MVV Name of the transportation

As I mentioned in many other steps, MVV is the name of transportation in Munich. When you want to go from A to B destination, make your search here. This is an important link I would say and is quite handy.

On this website, you can write origin and destination of your travel and receive a list of transportation possibilities from that point and the timetables. People use it to print out the sheets that are normally standing in the bus-tram/U-bahn/S-bahn stops & hang it to the wall so they can easily know when to leave home.

Once you have your room in a dormitory or somewhere in Munich, you can search for your street and print out the relative ones.

How do I find my way now?

Okay, we went out of the topic and you might feel confused. Right! So, Let us make it simple by making different assumptions on where you arrived to Munich and where you will go to. Titles are as “Arrived to > Want to go to”.

Munich Train Station > Freising

Munich Train Station or München Haubtbahnhof is a very large train station with 36 platforms (Gleis in German, learn it!). What you can do is to either take an S1 or the RegioBahn. It makes a lot of sense to take the RegioBahn unless you arrived after midnight. Regional Trains are also starting from the train station where national trains arrive to (The big hall with lots of platforms). The regional trains to Freising are generally starting from platforms between 23-28. But still, you can cross check it from the huge departures screen placed at every platform. It is not at regular intervals but approximately in every 30mins you can find one. ALX is another regional train which you can catch. There is a regional train to Freising. Freising is (almost) always the first stop of a regional train but always check the route first. 

You can check any connection in Munich from the website of MVV. Start: Hbf and Ziel: Freising, check the date and time, etc. Just search for it!

Munich Train Station > Munich

Well, as mentioned just above, the website of MVV is the answer to your question in this case. Make a search and find your way out!

Just some useful information regarding the transportation:

All S-Bahns go through Haubtbahnhof except S20. U-Bahns U1, U2, U4, U5 U7 and U8 go through Haubtbahnhof. To reach lines U3 and U6, you can change from stations Sendlinger Tor or Marienplatz to other S-bahn and U-bahn easily.

Tram lines 19,18,20,21 are just in front of Haubtbahnhof and also many other bus lines.

Munich Airport > Freising

The best way to do this is to take the bus 635 from the Airport and get off in the last station which is Freising Bahnhof (Freising Train Station). The bus is in every 20 minutes. You can buy the ticket from the bus driver and it costs around 2,9 euros, valid for 2 hours. Your journey to Freising train station will take around 25 minutes.

As you will probably not sleep at the train station, you would like to go to a dormitory (Wohnheim) possibly. You can check Make my Way to Dormitories for that purpose.

Munich Airport > Munich

There are two S-Bahn lines going to city center from the airport S1 and S8. You can check them from the map that I gave the link to in the above sections. You can just follow the green S signs around to make it to the trains to the city. You will make it to the city in around 40 minutes depending on where you want to go to.

Memmingen Airport >

Well, it is your fault from the beginning that you choose to land to that airport. I know, flights are cheaper but now you have to pay some money to make it to Munich!

Memmingen airport is located in Memmingen which is far far away from Munich. It will take approximately an hour and half by bus or train for you to reach Munich.

Several options to make it from that airport are possible. The one I will prefer is the bus. You can book it in advance online and just make it to Munich for around 20 euros.

Depending on when you arrive, you could also take the local bus in front of the airport and make it to Memmingen Train Station and take the train to Munich which would be more complicated as you may need to pay more because you do not know the system well yet.

Just take the bus!

I am too lazy, can you pick me up?

No, you should do things yourself! Okay, not the correct answer. The answer is -Yes-. Each year there are some people who are willing to get annoyed by new coming students (They are called tutors). Those people could pick you up, however I do not see a sense in it unless you have a good excuse to be picked up. If you still insist and tell, I have to get a babysitter, you could write an e-mail to the tutors (their contact email should be somewhere on the official page) and they will pick you up.

What about the tickets?

The best thing to do would be to go to a counter and ask for a ticket to where you will go to. From Munich airport to Munich center, the logical one is to buy the One-day ticket for all net (Gesamnetz) which would cost you around 13 euros.

If you will be moving within Munich (Arrived to Munich and will go somewhere in Munich), you can choose a daily ticket for Innenraum (City circles only) which would be cheaper approximately 6.70 euros.

If you will go to Freising, check above the details for tickets.

Dormitories (Wohnheim) in Freising

Click on the Wohnheim you want to go to, google maps will help you 🙂

Wohnheim 1

It is directly opposite to the university campus, take the bus 637, 638 or 639 and get off on Weihenstephan bus stop. The address is Vottinger str 49.

Wohnheim 2

The address is Giggenhauser str 25. You can take the bus 638 and get off on Fraunhofer institute bus stop.

Wohnheim 3

You can take bus 639 and get down at Lange Point or Biernerstrasse. The address is Lange Point 1-35.

Wohnheim 4

Dormitories number 2 and 4 are next to each other, so you can take the bus 638 as explained above. The address is Giggenhauser str 27-33.

Taking a taxi from Freising train station is also a possibility to reach any dormitory. It will cost you around 10 euros.

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